When should one fertilize the garden-fall or spring?

For permanent plantings of shrubs, evergreens, and flowers, fertilizers may be applied in the fall or spring with equal success.  It is best to apply fertilizers for annual crops (both flowers and vegetables) at, or just previous to, planting time.


Last year our shrubs did not flower.  Could pruning have caused this?

This could be due to many factors.  Pruning at the wrong time of year will remove flower buds, thus preventing flowering for some plants.  If pruning is needed, do the job right after the blooming period and you will be safe.


When is the best time to transplant deciduous trees and shrubs?

Either fall or spring, but the transplanting of all shrubs and trees which are recognized as difficult to move such as birch, dogwood, redbud, magnolia, and all tender types, had best be planted in the spring. Plants grown in containers can be transplanted any time.  Transplant before the trees or shrubs begin to leaf.  In the fall, transplant as soon as most of the leaves drop.


Will my poinsettia bloom again? How should it be treated?

Care for it as you do your house plants, keeping it growing as long as possible.  Flowers, really bracts, often last until June; if they drop sooner, set the plants in a 50-60 degrees F. place and water just enough to prevent complete dryness.  After frost danger is over, take plant outside, cut its stems back to 2 to 3 inches, repot in fresh soil mixture, keep in a light open place, and water and feed weekly with a liquid fertilizer.  As new leaves form, pinch back to keep growth low.  Bring in about mid-September and make certain the plant gets complete darkness, as in a closet or cardboard carton, for at least 12 hours for 70 days.  Water as necessary.